FogCon schedule in Walnut Creek

Jay and I are here at FogCon (FogCon through tomorrow! Come and say hi if you’re in the area!

Friday    8:00 p.m.   
 The Redefined Body   
Up to now, science has mostly focused on repairing our existing bodies. What happens when our technology is good enough to let us change our bodies, or control other things as if they were parts of our bodies? How might technology let us go beyond keeping healthy and into changing our physical selves? What fiction or nonfiction books do the best job painting the upcoming possibilities?   
Salon B/C   
 Moderator: Alan Bostick    
 Emily Jiang    
 Eva Folsom    
Erin Hoffman    

Friday 9:30pm
BroadUniverse Rapid Fire Reading
Santa Rosa
Saturday    10:30 a.m.   
 Gray Is the New Purple   
 Aging isn’t for the weak of heart. What sf/f works deal with the topic of aging, either positively or negatively? Who gets it right and who should do some homework?   
 Salon B/C   
 Moderator: Madeleine Robins  
Phyllis Holliday    
 Erin Hoffman    

 Sunday    1:00 p.m.   
Let’s Design Some Aliens   
The audience will design three separate alien species, with gentle guidance from the panelists to help keep them semi-plausible.    
 Salon B/C   
 Moderator: Vylar Kaftan       
 Erin Hoffman    
 Juliette Wade    
 Phyllis Holliday