On writing the other

This is going to be my one and only contribution to the conflagration that shall not be named, mostly because it’s too ironic to resist. If you want more details, Mary Anne Mohanraj has a wonderfully thoughtful post on it, which also links to this great video. Most of the remaining bases have already been covered. I wish we could just be people. (Actually, I wish we could just be living things.)

So, this is from the questionnaire you take before taking any of the tests on Project Implicit, also linked from Mohanraj’s post (and according to which I have a slight preference for black people over white, and a strong preference for Obama over McCain; hmm).

I guess I should get to writing, then?

Also in the realm of interesting timing, in the craziness last week I forgot to mention that I have an op-ed up in the technology section of the Georgia Straight (which I’m told is the largest weekly newspaper in Vancouver) called “Finding a Greater Humanity Through Play”.