"City of Shadow and Glass" at Bull Spec

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Hope you did something nice tofor someone you love.

“City of Shadow and Glass”, very short cyberpunk vignette, is available in the current issue of Bull Spec, which is excellent and you should order right away, not because of my story but because it regularly provides great speculative fiction in a high production-quality format, and is an honest-to-strawberries indie initiative with local (North Carolina) roots and good people. In a world with a truly appalling quantity of garbage conveyed by postal mail, Bull Spec is something I read cover to cover as soon as it arrives.

There is a sample of Issue 4 available for free in a pretty neat little web gadget, and because “City of Shadow and Glass” is so short, you can read the whole darn thing there if you like, as well as bits of other features, including a terrific interview with Lou Anders.

There will be more later. There is always more later. Hope you all are well and onto a great week.