LANCE officially released, signing in San Diego this Saturday (4/28), reading in SF 5/19

Today is Lance of Earth and Sky’s birthday!

To celebrate the launch, one of these little gryphons will be released into the wild with a signed copy of Lance:

Stop by the Andovar World Facebook Page to vote on the giveaway type (random draw? art contest? haiku contest?), or leave a comment here. 🙂 The gryphons were created by Becca Gollins of DragonsAndBeasties, and if you can’t wait for the draw, you can order your own tiny gryphon from her on Etsy.
I will be signing at Mysterious Galaxy this Saturday at 2pm in San Diego! The good folk at MG were kind enough to host a book launch for Sword of Fire and Sea last year, and Lance will officially launch there again this year.

You can RSVP on Facebook here, check out the event page here, or just stop by if you’re in the area! If you can’t make the event, there will be signed copies in the store after. Mysterious Galaxy is over eighteen years old and is a bastion of independent genre book love in southern CA.

And if you’re in northern California, I’ll be reading at SFinSF with Ysabeau Wilce and Marie Brennan on May 19th! SFinSF is sponsored by the wonderful Tachyon Publications (publishers of a great deal of Peter Beagle’s work, amongst other things), with books provided at the event by the equally amazing Borderlands Books, another amazing independent haven for genre fiction (with a super delicious cafe joined to it to boot).

Hope to see you if you can manage to be in either area! My head is deeply buried in SHIELD and the Work Game, thus the blog sparsity, but my plan for both of these is to be manifestly present. Possibly with cookies. Stay tuned for another post next week about Lance‘s dedication, some family history, and my short story “At the Foot of the Lighthouse: Todai Moto Kurashi”, appearing at in May. My cup runneth over.