Context 21 — September 26-28, and various

Since it’s official, just posting a note here that I’ll be teaching a game workshop at this year’s Context, a very cool convention in Columbus, OH.

Via the workshop website:

Erin Hoffman: Interactive Narrative and Game Design
(Sunday, September 28th, 11am-2pm)
This workshop explores the fundamentals of video game design through the use of interactive fiction, exploring the places where interactivity and storytelling overlap. No technology or game training is necessary, though a laptop computer is highly recommended. Attendees will be provided with advance reading and will create a small interactive fiction game using the Inform7 Engine.

Erin Hoffman has been working in video games since 1999 on an assortment of genres from massively multiplayer online games to Nintendo DS titles for young audiences to action-RPGs for PC, XBox, and PlayStation2. $20.

I am excited. I’ve been scattershot working on a design document for an Inform7 game for next year’s IFC, and this will be a good opportunity to actually execute on it to have something to show during the workshop as a process example.

[info]thehollowbox and I are also in Gary Braunbeck’s masterclass workshop (uberwoot). You should all come and hang out with us! It’s a very nice con, excellent staff and programming with a pleasantly small and very friendly population. I had a great time last year and hope to make this a habitual trip along with ReaderCon. Giant cons are not my thing, but these small, well-run ones with great guests are a lot of fun.

In other appearance-type news… I will of course be at GDC next month (Feb 17-24), then in San Diego for the weekend, then back to NY on the 24th for [info]brennye‘s arrival on the 25th (yay!!). I will be at IMGDC in Minneapolis giving a roundtable on BetterEULA in the end of March, very shortly thereafter in NYC to be on a panel at the Virtual Law Conference April 3-4, likely moving within a few days after getting home from that, and then things should quiet down until [info]skkyechan‘s wedding in September, closely followed by Context. Said quieting down is of course contingent on [info]thehollowbox and me not moving out to Long Beach during that time, which is possible (and likely even more complicated if we wait until after Context — hmm).


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