Hearts and such

Valentine’s Day dinner at home: steaks broiled with garlic and pepper, twice-baked potatoes with horseradish cheddar and scallions, spinach sauteed with shallots and garlic. And I know it’s good because I set off all three smoke detectors with the steaks. Dessert was supposed to be raspberry lemon souffles, but I can’t find the beaters for my mixer in our sea of boxes, so they’re postponed.

We are established up north, having a couch and as of today a Playstation 3. Of the last 14 days officially in the new place (and job) I’ve spent five down in Burbank — half of each week. So all email and online things are a little disjointed, though we do have internet at home now, so should be catching back up s00n.

Hope that you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day, whether with one special person or simply the bodacious Obama-love of all righteous mankind. Or both.

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