Photos from Lake Quinault

I have so much to catch up on it’s crazy, but for now, a photo link:

[info]jsridler and I went hiking around Lake Quinault last weekend. This past week I was up in Seattle for the always fantastic LOGIN Conference (aka the conference formerly known as ION formerly known as OGDC). More on that later if I decide to be a good person and share information. But for now, photos.

The Olympic Peninsula in general is one of my favorite places in the world. There’s a reason why they historically have hauled bureaucrats there to show them why the preservation of our natural treasures is so important — the place does all the talking for them. I’d never been to Quinault before, and talked [info]jsridler into flying up with me on Friday before the conference so we could go hiking for my birthday. My dad grew up in Washington, so I’ve been there many times, and he in particular pushed us to go check out Quinault, which I was supposed to visit last year for a family reunion, but wound up not being able to go. If you get a chance, take it — Quinault in particular is a breathtaking combination of old growth forest, rainforest, and still and moving water all compressed in a tight enough space that you can actually hike between all of them in a single day, and on top of it the Lodge offers a nice restaurant (though we didn’t eat there since they weren’t open for lunch when we were hungry).

Anyway, check it out, and more posts soon.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, LT! And for the kind comments. It’s a bit out of the way if you’re on the 5 — but yeah, absolutely worthy of being a destination in its own right. If you ever get up there, it’s worth spending a few days and taking a couple of hops down to the Hoh Rainforest and out to Neah Bay. Truly spectacular — bald eagles floating next to your car above ocean cliffs and ancient evergreens. I still haven’t been to Vancouver, and have wanted to check out Vancouver Island and Victoria for a long time.

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