May 25th @ Mysterious Galaxy, Journey @ Polygon, May 4 @ OGPC

That’s a lot of at signs!

Thinking calming manatee thoughts at everyone on this chaotic end to a chaotic week.

The promo cards have arrived, so you know what that means: time to move some books. 🙂20130419-152509.jpg

The spectacular folk at Mysterious Galaxy have invited me back to launch Shield of Sea and Space, and that will be taking place May 25th at their San Diego store. Both previous volumes had their debut events at Mysterious Galaxy, and I’m thrilled that the same will be true for the grand finale.

I will also be at the Starship Century Symposium being put on by the brand new (amazing) Arthur C. Clarke Center for the Human Imagination on the 21st and 22nd — the lineup of speakers is amazing and I am stoked.

Before all this, I will be the keynote speaker at the Oregon Game Project Challenge on May 4, 2013. The OGPC combines several of my favorite things: video games, learning, middle (and high) school kids, and the Pacific Northwest. It is sponsored by the TechStart Education Foundation and involves some of my favorite people. Many thanks to Corvus Elrod for making this happen.

This week I had an essay about ThatGameCompany’s astonishing game Journey published at Polygon. Take a look, send me your thoughts, and give Polygon a vote for the Webbys! I love the work they’ve been doing and am honored to now be counted among their contributors.

Finally, if you’re interested in talking to game designers about learning, I’ll be at the Playtime Online office hours this coming Wednesday at 9am PST. Join us on google hangout for some terrific discussions on games and learning with the Institute of Play and our guests!

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