• Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 25-29 (presentation: “The Right Side of the Ocean”)
  • Oregon Game Project Challenge, Portland, OR, May 4 (Keynote: “Warrior Heart: Cultivating a Life of Creativity”)
  • (SIGNING) Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, CA, May 25 @ 2pm
  • SFF Writer Chat (online), May 29
  • IGDA Summit / Casual Connect, San Francisco, CA, July 31-August 1 (presentation: Not Your Mama’s Edutainment: The New Educational Games Revolution”)
  • LOGIN Conference, San Francisco, CA, September 26-27
  • Sirens Conference, Portland, OR, October 10-13

2 thoughts on “Appearances”

  1. Hey Erin,

    I saw your interview while watching the doc ‘Gamers’ and thought I would reach out for your professional input.

    I am an artist in the Dallas, TX area and have been working on a video game. I have the foundation and concept down (a few drawings of the main characters) and even a new way to incorporate music. I would love to ping ideas off of you and get your input. Thanks a bunch and I hope to hear from you.

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