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Game credits

  • Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy; 2014; Game Design Lead, GlassLab [Polygon feature]
  • SimCityEDU; 2013; Game Design Lead, GlassLab
    • Common Sense Media ON for Learning award 2014
  • Doki-Doki Universe; 2013; early design, HumaNature Studios
  • (TBR); 2012; Lead Game Designer, Loot Drop
  • FrontierVille; 2011; Lead Systems Designer (live team)
  • Kung Fu Panda World; March 2010; Lead Designer, HumaNature Studios
  • PuzzleSmash: Book of Secrets; November 2008; Creative Director
  • GoPets: Vacation Island; March 2008; Lead Designer
  • Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Puppy Rescue; Gameboy Advance; Assistant Game Designer, Writer;
    • Nick Jr voted Best Beginner Gameboy Advance Game 2006
    • iParenting Media Outstanding Video Game Award, 2006
  • GoPets; online social networking / virtual pet game; Director of Online Communities
  • Shadowbane: The Lost Kingdom; MMORPG; Game Designer
  • Black9 (unreleased); nanotech action RPG; Game Designer
  • Simutronics’ DragonRealms; Assistant Game Designer, Races Assistant, World Builder, 1999-2004


  • “Mercury in Retrograde”, Upgraded, forthcoming
  • “For Love of Heaven”, Exalted Third Edition Anthology, forthcoming
  • “Stormrise”, Kaiju Rising, February 2014
  • “The Glittering Boy from Norieda”, By Faerie Light, December 2013
  • “The Gambrels of the Sky”, Beyond the Sun, August 2013
  • “At the Foot of the Lighthouse (Todai Moto Kurashi)”,, May 2012
  • “Sightwolf”, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 72
  • “City of Shadow and Glass”, Bull Spec, Issue 4 [order]
  • “Regal Achievement”, Eleftherotypia: Ennea (9 Magazine), May 2010
  • “Stormchaser, Stormshaper”, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 14
  • “Impress of the Hills”, Spacesuits & Sixguns, forthcoming
  • “Darkest Amber”, Electric Velocipede, Issue 19
  • “Root and Vein”, Clockwork Phoenix, July 2008
  • “Whatever Shall Grow There, Dear”, Lone Star Stories, June 2008
  • “A Matter of Scale”, Renard’s Menagerie, March 2008
  • “The Bearer”, Deep Magic, April 2006
  • “The Unicorn’s Laugh”, Fantasy Readers Wanted: Apply Within!, 2003
  • “Shade of the Heart”, Enchanted Realms II: Vampires of Tinadriel and Other Stories, 2002
  • “Song of the Spirit”, Enchanted Realms: Tales from Masters of Fantasy, 2000


  • “Oneness”, Not One of Us, Special Issue (“Hidden”)
  • “Beauty Sleep”, Mythic Delirium, Issue 20
  • “Osteometry”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, August 2009
  • “No Signal” and “Bag Man”, Farrago’s Wainscot, July 2009
  • “The Fall of Fairy Castle”, Scheherazade’s Bequest, September 2008
  • “Hyldegarde Speaks to Jacqueline”, Electric Velocipede, May 2008
  • “Theoria”, Not One of Us, Issue 39, April 2008
  • “The Flight of Alecto”, Illumen, Spring 2008
  • “The Substitute”, Not One of Us, Issue 38, October 2007
  • “Terror”, Antimuse, March 2007
  • “Coalition”, Antimuse, March 2007
  • “Black Noise”, Antimuse, March 2007
  • “Broken Wings”, Poets Against the War, May 1, 2003
  • “Circle of Winter”, Verses Magazine, Spring 2004


Inside Job

A biweekly column with The Escapist.




  • Common Sense Media ON for Learning Award 2014, SimCityEdu
  • nominee, GDC Online, Best Online Game Design 2011, Frontierville
  • iParenting Media Outstanding Video Game Award, 2006, Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Puppy Rescue
  • Nick Jr voted Best Beginner Gameboy Advance Game 2006, Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Puppy Rescue
  • Games for Health Open Storyboard winner, Food Finder and the Quest for the Golden Walnut
  • Poet of the Year finalist, first quarter winner, 2003, Cader Publishing
  • Rensselaer McKinney contest:
    • 2003: “Circle of Winter” compilation, 3rd place poetry
    • 2002: 1st place short fiction
    • 2002: “Wind and Fire” compilation, 1st place poetry
    • 2001: 1st place short fiction
    • 2000: 1st place short fiction

Speaking Engagements

  • “Serious Symbiosis”; Speaker, Serious Play Conference, July 2014
  • “The Sophia Engine: Defining Fun as an Emotion for Learning”; Workshop, Games+Learning+Society, June 2014
  • “Sophia: Designing for Learning through Emotion”; Speaker, Re:Design UXD, April 2014
  • “GlassLab: Collaborating for Change”; Keynote Speaker, Games for Change, April 2014
  • “Not Your Mama’s Edutainment: The New Educational Games Revolution”; Speaker, IGDA Summit/Casual Connect, July 2013
  • “Warrior Heart: Cultivating a Life of Creativity”; Keynote Speaker, Oregon Game Project Challenge, May 2013
  • “The Right Side of the Ocean”; Speaker, Game Developers Conference, March 2013
  • “The Game of Story”; Speaker, LOGIN Conference, May 2012
  • “Not Dying Alone: Thinking Long Term in Massive Fantasy Game Design”; Speaker, LOGIN Conference, May 2010
  • “Hey Game Designer! If It’s Too Easy For You, It’s Still Too Hard”; Panelist, LOGIN Conference, May 2010
  • “Working to Death: Game Developers and the Future of Work-Life Balance”; Panel Moderator, Game Developers Conference, March 2010
  • “Happiness is Mandatory: Emergent Ethics in Massive Online Environments”; Speaker, Games + Learning + Society, June 2009
  • “From Enlightenment to Action: Year Two of the BetterEULA Project”; Moderator, LOGIN Conference, May 2009
  • “Interactive Narrative and Game Design” workshop; Context 21, September 2008
  • “From Feudalism to Enlightenment: Building a Better EULA”; Panelist, Austin GDC, September 2008
  • “Forest for the Trees: Long Term Career Planning in the Games Industry”; Westwood College, May 2008
  • “From Feudalism to Enlightenment: User Rights in Virtual Worlds”; Moderator, Independent MMO Game Developers Conference 2008
  • “From Feudalism to Enlightenment: User Rights in Virtual Worlds”; Moderator, ION Conference 2008
  • “Real Rights in a Virtual World”; Panelist, ION Conference 2008
  • “Design Your Future Day”, Panelist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, April 2007. Event review.
  • “Warrior Queens of the Cyberworld: How Massively Multiplayer Online Teams Gravitate toward Female Leads”, Speaker, Immersive Worlds Conference, St. Catharines, ON, June 2007.
    • press release covered by Gamasutra: “Particularly notable sessions scheduled for the event include Erin Hoffman’s “Warrior Queens of the Cyberworld: How Massively Multiplayer Online Teams Gravitate toward Female Leads,” David Owen’s “The Narrative Web of Mimetic Desire in Second Life,” and Jennifer Martin’s “Creativity from Code: Resisting and Subverting the Limits of World of Warcraft.” “
  • “Battle of the Walking Dead”; Speaker, The Never Ending Odyssey 2007;.
  • Panelist; Context 20:
    • “Getting the Most Out Of Gaming”
    • “Writing for Interactive Media”
    • “The Game as Literature”
    • “Female Fandom”
  • “Plugged In: Why Game Developers Make Great Parents”; Speaker, Montreal International Games Summit 2007
  • “The Passion of the Developer: ea_spouse in the H_ouse”, Panelist, Sandbox ACM 2006. Event review.
  • “Alumni Panel”, Panelist, Rensselaer Game Festival & Symposium 2006.
  • Speaker, Albany IGDA, June 2006, Quality of Life. Event review.


  • Judge, IGDA GDC Student Scholarships, 2007
  • Judge, FuturePlay Student Competition, 2007


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